Travel Safety Tips When Visiting Bourgas and Surrounding Areas

Travel Safety Tips for Visitors to Bourgas

Suggestions include:

  • At the airport, watch for your suitcase as it appears on the carousel. Don’t hang back and wait for the crowds to disperse – you might find that someone else has already taken your bag in the meantime.
  • Avoid changing money at airports, as thieves could be watching you.
  • Consult with your hotel manager or tourist information centre about the public transport in your area. Make sure you know what official taxi cabs look like. A thief may pose as a taxi driver to lure you into their car.
  • Don’t share taxis with strangers.
  • Carjacking is a problem in some cities. When driving, keep all doors locked and windows up. Make sure your boot is locked too.

Hotel safety

Suggestions include:

  • If possible, choose accommodation that has unmarked ‘swipe cards’ rather than numbered keys for each room. If you lose your swipe card or if it is stolen, the thief won’t know which room to rob.
  • Take note of emergency exits, stairwells, fire escapes and emergency plans, just in case.
  • Always lock your hotel door when retiring for the night. If there is a chain included, use it.
  • When arranging to meet people you’ve never met before (such as business associates), wait for them in the lobby. Don’t ask them to come up to your room.

Unwary tourists in Bourgas can make easy targets for thieves because they stand out in a crowd, are unused to their surroundings, and are generally carrying money, credit cards and valuables like cameras. You can reduce your risk of being mugged or robbed by taking a few simple precautions. It is a good idea to research the safety of your intended destination with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. This government department keeps an updated bulletin on travel destinations, covering factors such as political unrest or criminal activities that target tourists. You could also consult with your travel agent, or talk to friends who have already visited your intended destination.

Travel safety

Suggestions include:

  • Keep your travel plans, including accommodation details, to yourself.
  • Don’t hitch hike.
  • Try not to travel at night.
  • Avoid ‘seedier’ areas of the cities you visit, especially at night.
  • Ask your hotel manager for advice on ‘safe’ versus ‘unsafe’ local areas.
  • As a general rule, city streets that include children and women suggest the area is safe for families.
  • Know the contact details of your nearest Embassy, such as the British embassy.
  • Keep a photocopy of your passport and all other important documents in a safe place.
  • Use ATMs during the day, when there are people around.
  • Try to rely more on credit cards and travellers cheques than cash.
  • If you are mugged, don’t fight back. It is better to lose a few dollars/pounds/euros and a wristwatch than get injured.
  • Avoid incidents such as fights, riots or civil disturbances at all times.

Sofia to Bansko – how to get there

There are a few ways to get from Sofia to Bansko – by train , by bus or by shuttle or private transfer.

By Train

Travelling by train is a real adventure because it takes around 7:30 hours including waiting time at Septemvri station. Because of the mountainous terrain, the lines are narrow-gauge from Septemvri to Bansko , but at the same time you travel through a beautiful scenery. A Bulgarian skier or Holiday maker would rarely use this way to travel to Bansko but it’s worth trying during the summer. All information on trains and their timetable can be found at the Bulgarian National Railways’ official website.  Train schedule for 2015/16 :

Depart Sofia Arrive Bansko Duration
Train 1 07:15 14:06 7h
Train 2 10:35 17:02 6:30h
Train 3 22:45 07:21 8:30h

Sofia to Bansko

By Bus

There are regular bus service running a few times a day from the Central Bus Station in Sofia to Bansko. Average travelling time is from 3h 15 min. – 3h 50 min. If you are landing at Sofia Airport , the fastest way is to get the Metro to Serdika Station and change for one stop to Central Train Station. Do use a bus service only where you have plenty of time as it’ll take most of your day.

By private transfer

The quickest and the most hassle free way to travel from Sofia to Bansko. Once you get in the car it’ll take around 2h30min to your hotel or apartment in Bansko. If you are travelling with a  group of 4+ people probably this will be a cheaper option to travel. Need a stop for a coffe along the way ? – no problem. With this kind of service you’ll feel more relaxed especially when you are returning from Bansko and need to catch a plane or bus. Example prices for a

Sofia to Bansko private transfer

car 1-4 pax £12pp pp-price per person
mini bus 5-8pac £8pp pp-price per person

To check up to date prices for all routes from Sofia to Bansko send an email with the right number of passengers.

Thessaloniki to Bansko – how to get there

If you are landing at Thessaloniki (Macedonia) Airport we can arrange your airport transfers from Thessaloniki to Bansko. If you are wondering how to get from Thessaloniki Airport to the most famous skiing resort in Bulgaria read below.

Thessaloniki to Bansko airport transfer is preferred way to get to Bansko from British and Greek skiers. Most of the budget airlines have a great discounts to Thessaloniki Airport. Prices vary from €20 – €90 depending on the destination. It takes around 3h drive mainly a motorway in a dry and sunny day and around 4h when snowy conditions.

How to book my transfer -Thessaloniki to Bansko

We offer different ways of booking your airport transfer:

  • by viber or whats up on +359 878 858 974
  • by email :
  • by phone : simply call our 24/7 customer service line

If your party is more than 8 passengers please feel free to contact us for a separate quote. We can arrange 16 seater minibus so you can travel together.

Below you can see the Thessaloniki to Bansko prices for a car and mini bus with us:


 Thessaloniki to Bansko airport transfer prices:

Our Fleet - Choose your appropriate vehicle

1 to 4 passengers

5 to 7 passeners

8 passengers

Bourgas Airport Transfers | Low Prices to Sunny Beach

Max 18 passengers

VIP Bourgas Airport Transfers – New service available

Bourgas Airport Transfers, one of the biggest discount transfer operators start a new service – a VIP Bourgas Airport transfers by S class Mercedes limousine , Audi S8 L and Mercedes V class. The service is available from Bourgas Airport to all destinations in Bulgaria. The service is available for a fixed rate if ordered from point A to point B or daily rate – up to 8 hours and a 100 km.

VIP Bourgas Airport Transfers

VIP Bourgas Airport Transfers

can be ordered easily if you have an anniversary or a special occassion or even if you’d like to be met like a president at Bourgas Airport order our VIP airport transfer pick up. We can supply an appropriate vehicle for up to 3 passengers, 6 passengers and 8 passengers. Shampaign or quality wine – just order it and it’ll be arranged !

Our top class vehicle is 2016 Mercedes S 6.5 AMG , bi turbo with all extras available. A great all around limousine which is a pleasure to ride in. Suitable for 2-3 passengers going on a buisness meetings

For a group of 4 or 6 passengers we can offer a Mercedes V class , 7+1 seats equipped with a DVD, TFT screen and state of the art multimedia. Perfect vehicle for long journeys and cross-border transfers.

Bourgas Airport Transfers

Our vehicles are based in Sunny Beach and can be booked while you are on holiday. For a day trip or two days trip around Bulgaria – Book you VIP Bourgas Airport Transfers

The Castle of Ravadinovo near Sozopol win prestigious award

The owner of The Castle of Ravadinovo was awarded again during the official ceremony for VIP Business Awards 2015. Although these castles are not typical for Bulgarian history.This unique castle and the only one in Bulgaria doesn’t vindicate those in France, Austria and Germany. That’s why it received the prestigious award

A Bulgarian who believes in fairly tales, romance, beauty and harmony managed to build own castle in Ravadinovo.

The Castle of Ravadinovo near Sozopol win prestigious award

The Castle is built of stones , the total area is around 30 000sq m. At the front of the castle there is an artificial lake. You can see lots of beautifull gardens and green areas, and the building is overgrown with ivy. An art gallery, wine cellar and several big halls are part of the Castle which is still in process of completion. It was built with attention to the smallest details, so it looks like a real medieval castle. Here you can see how it looks like from bird view:

It’s a unique attraction in Bulgaria, located only 5 km away from Sozopol.It has a very beautiful night lighting which makes it amazing place. Whenever decide to visit it you can book a trip to Ravadinovo Castle with Bourgas Airport Transfers.

Spirit of Burgas

Spirit of Burgas is a summer music festival taking place in the city of Bourgas , Bulgaria. The first edition of the festival took place on 15 – 17th  August 2008 . Since then it has significantly grown in popularity.  At the moment it is one of the most prominent Europe summer festivals.

This year Spirit of Burgas will be 07-08  August 2015 and a concert of Robbie Williams will entertain the fans. For the first time Robbie Williams will come to Bulgaria. 99% of all hotel and hostel accommodations are fully booked for those days. Hurry up to book your place or prepare to sleep on the beach.

Spirit of Burgas


Tickets can be bought online for only 90 euros for the both days or on the spot for only 110 euros. Robbie Williams concert on 07 August costs 75 euros if bought online or 90 euros on the spot. Look at the video which presents the places where live concerts will be performed.

Don’t forget to book your airport transfer to Spirit of Burgas 2015 from Sofia Airport , Bourgas Airport , Varna Airport, Plovdiv Airport , Istanbul Airport or Bucharest Airport. By booking your transport one of you you’ll be offered one free ticket for 8th  August .

Sunny Beach prices – beats hotspots for best bargain holiday

Black Sea resorts of Bulgaria cheaper than hotspots in Turkey, Italy and Spain

Sunny Beach – Bulgaria, might not be the first holiday destination that springs to mind for a summer break – but that could change after it was named Europe’s cheapest destination yesterday. Sunny Beach prices decreased backed up with the strong pound.

This beautiful country has gained the most from the strong British pound, which has cut the cost of visiting the continent.

Resorts on its Black Sea coast are the best value in terms of a dinning out, having a cup of coffee and essentials such as sun cream and a still water, a pint of beer, according to a study. Sunny Beach prices are best value comparable with other hotspot countries.

Sunny Beach prices
Hotspot: Bulgaria’s most popular resort of Sunny Beach is a carbon copy of those of Spain and Greece. Other quiter places next to the biggest resort are St Vlas, Nessebar and Elenite. At the same prices there resorts keep attracting tourists all over the world.

If you have decide to visit Sunny Beach why not look for a low cost airport transfers from Bourgas Airport . Private transfers are cheaper from the shared coach transfers offered by the big Tour Operators.

St.Vlas Airport Taxi Transfer

Low cost airport taxi transfers to/from St Vlas

We offer Airport Taxi Transfers from Bourgas to St Vlas or from Varna Airport to St Vlas and all hotels and apartment complexes in Bulgaria. Please have a look at the prices below and book your transfers.

We provide St.Vlas Airport Taxi Transfers from all airports in Bulgaria by car,mini van and coach depending on your requirements. We are The Number 1 in low cost airport transportation!

Sveti Vlas (also known as St. Vlas) is a beautiful coastal village of approx. 3500 inhabitants, situated just a few kilometers north of Sunny Beach and 10 kilometers from Nessebar. This magnificent resort is a great combination of beautiful seaside at the foot of the Balkan mountain range. It has been developed into a modern beach destination during the recent years, with brand new hotels and tourist infrastructure . This makes it a preferred destination for holidaymakers, who want to enjoy the spectacular views of the mountain while having fun on the beach.

How to book your St Vlas airport transfer

Booking your St.Vlas airport transfer before you arrive in Bulgaria is highly recommended. Do not rely to get a Bourgas taxi outside Bourgas airport as you may end up paying much more than it actually costs. We can save you around 30% from the total cost, provide you with multi language drivers with best local knowledge and even will refund you if you find out that we have overcharged you for your Bourgas airport transfer to St. Vlas.
Our prices are fixed and they do not increase if you arrive in the middle of the night. You pay the prices you see with No hidden charges. We aim to provide best possible service for all our customers.

Airport Transfers Prices from Bourgas Airport to St.Vlas:

Airport Transfers - Car 1-4 paxAirport Transfer - Mini bus 5-8 paxAirport Transfers - Mini bus 9+
One way - 60lv €30 £23

Return - 120lv €60 £45  

One way - 80lv €40 £30

Return - 160lv €80 £60  

One way - 160lv €80 £60

Return - 320lv €160 £120  

Airport Transfers Prices from Varna Airport to St.Vlas:

Airport Transfers - Car 1-4 paxAirport Transfer - Mini bus 5-8 paxAirport Transfers - Mini bus 9+ pax
One way - 130lv €65 £55 

Return - 260lv €130 £110  

One way - 180lv €90 £75 

Return - 360lv €180 £150  

One way - 250lv €125 £98

Return - 500lv €250 £190  


Our Fleet - Choose your appropriate vehicle




Bourgas Airport Transfers | Low Prices to Sunny Beach



Welcome to Sozopol ! If you have booked your hotel or apartment in Sozopol for the summer and need a reliable Sozopol airport transfers from Bourgas Airport or Varna We are here to help you. offer one of the lowest rates for airport taxis for cars , mini buses and coaches to Sozopol. Weather you travel alone or with a big group we have a suitable vehicle which will meet you from the arrival hall and get you to your accommodation address for less than 30 mins.

Our rates from Bourgas and Varna Airports can be seen below. Our mini buses are Mercedes Vianos and Vitos people carriers . If you’d like to travel in style and comfort do not hesitate to get in touch.

We offer 24/7 customer support , taxi service during your stay in Sozopol and different trips and excursions to Balchik, Sunny Beach, Istanbul, Veliko Turnovo and Shipka.

Avoid the expensive taxis at Bourgas and Varna Airport and pre book your journey. You get a guaranteed low price with an excellent service . Our prices are fixed and we do not charge for delays.

Airport Transfers Prices from Bourgas Airport to Sozopol:

Airport Transfers - Car 1-4 paxAirport Transfer - Mini bus 5-8 paxAirport Transfers - Mini bus 9+
One way - 65lv €33 £27

Return - 130lv €66 £54  

One way - 95lv €48 £33

Return - 190lv €96 £66  

One way


Airport Transfers Prices from Varna Airport to Sozopol:

Airport Transfers - Car 1-4 paxAirport Transfer - Mini bus 5-8 paxAirport Transfers - Mini bus 9+
One way - 180lv €90 £75

Return - 360lv €180 £150  

One way - 290v €149 £104

Return - 580lv €298 £200  

One way



Our Fleet - Choose your appropriate vehicle




Bourgas Airport Transfers | Low Prices to Sunny Beach



Kiten Airport Transfers We offer airport pick up service from Bourgas and Varna Airports to all hotels and apartment comlexes in Kiten. Please have a look at the prices below and book your transfers.

At Bourgas Airport Transfers, we provide Kiten Airport Transfers from Bourgas and Varna Airports by car , mini van or coach depending on your requirements.
We offer one of the lowest prices for summer 2013 from Bourgas Airport to Kiten for 5-7 passengers. Our mini buses are Mercedes Viano and Vitos 7/8 seater people carriers. We guarantee the comfort of travel for all our customers providing them with a new and luxury vehicles.
If you have used our airport transfer service once – you’ll come back again! Choose us and try our service.

Airport Transfers Prices from Bourgas Airport to Kiten:

Airport Transfers - Car 1-4 paxAirport Transfer - Mini bus 5-8 paxAirport Transfers - Mini bus 9+
One way - 110lv €56 £45 

Return - 220lv €112 £90  

One way - 166lv €83 £69

Return - 332lv €166 £138  

One way


Airport Transfer Prices from Varna Airport to Kiten:

Airport Transfers - Car 1-4 paxAirport Transfer - Mini bus 5-8 paxAirport Transfers - Mini bus 9+
One way - 240lv €120 £90 

Return - 480lv €240 £180  

One way - 390lv €195 £163

Return - 780lv €390 £325  

One way



Our Fleet - Choose your appropriate vehicle




Bourgas Airport Transfers | Low Prices to Sunny Beach